Wedding Lighting Hire

So you want to enhance and enchant your venue with wedding lighting? Well you’ve come to the right place. All the wedding lighting options are available on their own, with additional lighting packages, or with my Wedding DJ services for an even better package price.



Wedding Lighting Uplighting

Wedding Lighting Uplighting

  • Simple & Effective
  • WoW Effect
  • Colour Matching for theme
  • Whole rooms or just sections / Focus Points.
  • Single / Alternate / Multiple colours

For more information and Uplighting gallery click the link Uplighting



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Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lighting Hire for Weddings

Wedding Festoon Lighting Hire

    • Festoon Lighting for Weddings Inside or Outside – All weather
    • Across Beams
    • Railings on Balconies
    • Garden areas and Court Yards around or over
    • Ideal for Chic or Boho Weddings


For more information on Festoon Lighting and gallery click the link – Festoon Lighting



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Image Projection

image projection Wedding Lighting

Branch Image projection + Uplighting

  • Names in lights
  • Themed imagery
  • Favorite animals /Objects
  • Static or Rotating
  • Custom designs available

Image projection page for ideas. Image projection



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Fairy Lights

Fairy Light Hire for Weddings

Fairy Light Hire for Weddings

  • Wrapped around banisters or Railings
  • Hung or wrapped around poles & pillars
  • Inside or Outside – All weather
  • Curtains to cover or long lengths
  • Highlight paths and driveways

Fairy Light page for ideas and inspiration. Fairy lights



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You want more wedding lighting options?

These are just some of the more popular lighting services I offer. These wedding lighting options are available to hire on their own, with a other lighting or with my Wedding DJ service for the complete package. So do get in touch for a personalised quote.

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